Why This Blog?

I’ve never been more hungry for information until I entered motherhood. Reading other parents’ posts on forums and blogs truly helped a great deal in my own parenting decisions. So, this is why I decided to share my heartaches, headaches, lamentations and the GOOD STUFF about parenting with any parent who chances upon this blog. It will also be where I unload and download the memories of the day lest I forget. Did I mention that memory escapes me more often since I became a mother? Well, maybe age has a part to play, but I think it’s mostly due to the dying of brain cells which fought at the front lines against my 18 month old son, his whining, boundary-testing, energy and what nots. So by recording this down, I believe, will serve a good purpose down memory lane 🙂 

How to thrive in parenthood – “Laugh to live, and live to laugh :D” 



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