Correlation between driving and “I wanna hold my dad’s hand”

It’s a thin line between frustration and amusement in the subject of parenting. Depending on our mood, it can swing to and fro in a second.

We had dinner outside with our cousins last night and on the way back, my son Zeph was wailing in the car because he wanted to hold his dad’s hand. But his dad was driving and Zeph was seated in the back seat with me. I offered him my hand but he shoved it aside. If we did not have a relaxing dinner by the beach before, we would be frustrated with the wailing, but instead, we were amused. My husband chirped that he was honoured his son only wanted to hold his hand, and specifically his right hand. What’s with toddlers and their ridiculous requests?? I will never get it. So to stop his cries, we swung by a petrol station to switch drivers, and it was a peaceful ride home.

Moral of the story: Mommies, please learn driving. You never know when it will come in handy in exchange for some peace.


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