Tips I Find Helpful

Sharing some helpful tips that I picked up along the way in my parenting journey.

1. Asking him to count to 5 or 10. It teaches the toddler patience rather than having him throw a tantrum in public for a piece of bread that you are getting out of the plastic wrapper in your fastest time. He has no sense of time, so waiting for a mere 3 seconds feels like an eternity to him. Counting helps calm him down, and distracts him while you try to get him his food. It also teaches him how to count!

2. When Mommy says ‘No’, it is a ‘No’. Although what the toddler demands is inconsequential, stick to your guns because this is how they learn to obey parents. If he continues in his self-pity tantrum, ask him if he wants a spanking, or a time out? He should be thinking about his options if he understands language and stop the tantrum.

3. Toddlers don’t know how to control their emotions. In a tantrum, they just cry, whine, run away, dart around in circles. God knows what they are doing because I don’t get them at all. At this point, they are not able to listen in to anything we say. So let them be alone for awhile (less than 5 minutes) and they should calm down. They would have forgotten at this time that they threw a tantrum 5 minutes ago, and everything is back to normal.

4. Keeping them occupied with activities will engage them, leaving them no chance to misbehave. Toddlers act out when they are bored or disinterested.

5. I am guessing that by the 12pm mark, you are depleted of energy, just like me. I like to lie on the bumper mat while he plays his toys nearby on the mat. Though my mind still has to be engaged to see what he’s doing, but at least my body is resting. I recommend the LG bumper playmat. It is comfortable too for adults.


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