Swollen Ear


There is a first time for everything. I woke up this morning to my son greeting me with his huge left ear sticking out. First thing that came to mind was that he looked like a monkey or a mouse. Second thought – good I turned down relief work at school today so I could be home to monitor. My son’s behaviour was very normal, it seemed like his swollen ear bothered me more than him.

I decided to bring him to Dr Ong who has returned to work after her maternity leave. She’s a God-send. Patient and she takes time to explain what might be going on with the swollen ear. Likely an allergic reaction to an insect bite. It is hard to tell if an infection has occurred but we can wait out another day before deciding if oral antibiotics has to be given. So that’s the plan (no antibiotics!). For now, an antibiotic topical cream and antihistamine should help bring the swelling down. That works perfectly fine for me (a mom who is not pro-medicine usually). I have done a first aid course to know that in an allergy reaction, the next course of action is either antihistamine or epi-pen (for more serious cases) to reduce swelling.

Hoping the swelling reduces by tonight after a dose of antihistamine, and we will hear a good review from Dr Ong tomorrow.


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