Toddlers Wheeling on Wheels

Toddlers Wheeling on Wheels

18 months to 24 months is an exciting age. It is when kids start showing their preferences for objects, colours, activities etc.

My son started showing great interest in anything with wheels! He will be so glued to stickers and books with cars, trains and trucks. Makes me wonder where this fascination originated from, and we women know they don’t grow out of it. When they become men, it is still about wheels and they start to drive or ride their ‘toys’ around. The fascination never stops.

This makes it easy for us to choose a present for his 2nd birthday. We have decided on the mini micro scooter! It has fantastic reviews about stability, safety and durability for toddlers 18 months and above. The front has 2 wheels which makes it safer for the child to balance and the material does not break easily, as compared to reviews we read on other brands sold at Toy ‘R’ Us. The other reason why we chose this is that it helps build up psychomotor skills which promotes agility and reflex action which may save the child from getting seriously injured should an accident occur in future.

Costing about SGD130 or USD80, it might be more expensive than other brands of kick scooters, but it’s worth considering for its long-lasting quality and benefits it brings to the child.

In Singapore and Malaysia, it can be ordered from (the official distributor for micro scooters).

(photo is taken from website)