Musings of Raising a Toddler

1) I acquired the skill of interpreting unintelligible syllabus that actually mean something. I have to be good at it, or, I face a toddler throwing another tantrum because I didn’t understand him.

2) The toddler runs and prances around the house, but when he’s outside, he wants to be carried. Isn’t wide open spaces an enticement for working out those limbs?

3) When he speaks one word, it means a whole lot.

He was looking out the window on a Sunday morning, and suddenly spouted ‘God’.

I said, “God? Do you see him outside?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “How does he look like?”

He said, “God make the sun.”

4) We get a good laugh at his funny grammar. He is learning to place ‘the’ before nouns, but he does not know yet that the grammar rule does not apply to proper nouns or that it comes before the adjective-noun. We get phrases like ‘Catch the Mama/Papa’, ‘Orange the door’, ‘Watch the Dora’.

5) I start talking in third person when speaking to him, calling myself ‘Mama’ while he calls himself ‘Phyphy’ or ‘Raphy’ (Zephy is what we call him in short).


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