Bonding with Grandparents

Dear Z,

You will be spending tonight and tomorrow with grandpa and grandma (my parents). A brilliant suggestion from grandma. This isn’t your first time but it’s the first time since J was born. On one hand, she wants to bond with you and on the other hand, I get a breather from having to manage 2 of you at home. 

It was cute watching you decide what you wanted to stuff in your mini luggage. You eventually brought your elephant-printed pillow and Rheneas the train. 

Since we moved you and J into the same room, your night sleep has been shortened by 1 hour because J wakes up an hour earlier than you. It wrenches my heart when you are not getting your deserved sleep but I am so glad you took it well in your stride and you compensate for the loss in your nap. Yes there were mornings when you were cranky but you are doing so well on the whole with J. 

You have such a good and giving heart. I am blessed by it.

I wish you a good time with grandpa and grandma. Treasure their companionship while you still have them. 

Dear J, with big bro out of the room for the night, I am going to sleep train you, so you both have the same waking time. 

Hopefully. Prayerfully. 

There will be a time when you too will spend the night with grandpa and grandma. When you are slightly bigger and sleeping longer. 

With Love,



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