Core Memories 

Dear Z, 

Papa and I watched ‘Inside Out’ last week. It was such a delightful movie about family life and our emotions. After watching the movie, we were more consciously aware about forming core memories for you. 

Grapefruit memory – Today you went groceries shopping with Papa and asked to buy grapefruits. You and papa ended up having a good bonding time eating grapefruits together and we were amused by your facial expressions to the sour taste. You saw that it made us laugh so you kept doing it again and again. 
A gardening memory – we discovered aphids on our bean plant. I knew those were aphids from reading Eric Carle’s “Bad-tempered ladybug” to you. We wouldn’t have known it if not for that book. You followed me around our corridor while i trimmed off dead leaves and the aphid-infested plant. So many things can pique your curiosity in your expanding mind. 

Laughing-at-nothing memory – papa and I were so exhausted from the day and we laid down on the playmat. You joined us in what we were doing, not that we were doing anything fun, we were lying down doing nothing, but because you wanted to be with us. We had a good laugh asking each other why we were so tired. You did not understand why we were laughing but you joined in anyway. 

A happy family laughs with a toddler at something that is entirely nonsensical. 




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