Junk food must go!

I just cleared my cabinet of junk food, all given to my son. As I was clearing, I thought it made more sense to get kids healthy snacks rather than junk food if you have the best interest of the kids. Seriously think about it.

I don’t get relatives who pop by my house with a handful of lollipops and candy??? High in sugar and nothing else. 

It feels like someone spoiling my game plan to help my son eat healthily so he would get healed of his phlegmy cough that has been going on for weeks. Someone shows up at the door and all my efforts get washed down the drain. The battle then begins with my son whining for the candy and me having to get down to a balancing act of being firm with him in a way it does not make the situation any more awkward for the guests. 

It would really help if people could check with the parents first on what they can offer their children. That would eliminate the battle over junk food. 


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