Reflections on 2015

A big part of 2015 was adjusting to having 2 boys in the 0-3 years age stage. This stage is one that can be characterised by one word ‘Change’. Just when we think we have got our kids figured out, they change. Another curveball thrown at us.

But it gets us seeking God all the time, to ask Him what’s going on, and how to lessen the tantrums. The strategies are actually very practical. God is very practical. Usually, it is about our kids wanting the ‘special’ time with us and that eases much of the tension at home.

Discovering the love language of our kids is also useful. Z’s love language is physical touch. As long as he gets his daily dose of hugs and hand-holding, he behaves well.

2016 will be another year of discovery and learning what makes our kids tick!


Books I read nowadays 

A visit to the library, and I either pick out practical books on parenting or books that relaxes my tired eyes and mind. 

Flower arrangement was something I picked up after I had my first child. It was an avenue for destressing and unknowingly, it became a skill which earned me some pocket money as a stay-at-home mom. 

Little thanksgivings like these keep me going amidst the physical exhaustion from keeping abreast with 2 active toddlers.