Post-MMR Vaccination

The past week was spent pacifying my grouchy 17 month old J who had a post-MMR vaccination reaction. Of course, there were many many thoughts which ran through my mind and heart as I witnessed my own son’s discomfort from a compulsory vaccination.

The issue of forced vaccination remains highly debatable. Is it really helpful for public safety or more destructive for our immune system in the long run? I ain’t a medical doctor, nor have any credentials in any science or medical field but what I do know is that vaccinations bring side effects that no one can predict will occur in any adult person or baby/toddler. The spectrum of these side effects are wide-ranging and questionable and no one can explain why. Simply because our immune system is way too complex for anyone to fully understand it. It’s God’s design and who can fully understand an infinite God? Are we then toying around with a time-bomb here by allowing vaccines to manipulate our immune system when we don’t understand fully how it works in the first place? These are some random thoughts which came to me and I am taking the liberty to pen it down as my release of emotions.

J is still having symptoms of measles, what the PD called ‘modified measles’ or ‘vaccine-induced measles’. My first query is why J’s immune system is reacting in this way, and secondly, if anyone can ascertain for sure that nothing will happen to J for his 2nd dose of MMR. Sadly speaking, no one can say for sure. The consequences remain largely unknown and far-reaching.

Isn’t it then dangerous to force vaccination on a young child if the consequences are unknown and unpredictable in some rare cases?

Who should be accountable for any detrimental effects should they happen? The parents? The government? The pharmaceutical giants? The blame game can continue till the cows come home and it will still remain inconclusive.

I managed to source for another PD who is also an immunologist/allergist. I am hoping to find answers to my queries from someone who perhaps, have studied our immune system more in-depth. Her clinic is also one of the rare ones in Singapore which carry the single dose of measles (ie. no mumps and rubella included).

Hopefully this will help me find some resolve.


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