The ‘Good Angel’ Prayer


Reading this verse reminded me of my children’s request for my husband and I to pray for the good angel to watch over them while we put them to bed. Every night without fail, they will remind us to include that line in our goodnight prayers. If we had forgotten, my 5 year old will run out of the room with a worried frown upon his face.

Not sure when this concept entered these tiny minds but I am glad it did – that they found safety and protection in spoken prayers. It shows their pure child-like faith in God which sometimes, I am guilty of not having. I have much to learn from my children.

Raising children is truly a season of spiritual journey for adults. Ups and downs there will be. Emotional joys and setbacks there will be. But overall, the spiritual growth is what counts and makes us better people. The outcome being intangible gems which captivate our spirits and souls.


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