Coconut Oil for Eczema

Diluted frankincense was great for smoothing out the skin, and healing the broken skin, however it left my DS’ skin quite dry. On cooler days, we see improvements, but it flares up more on hotter days. Just yesterday, the weather was warmer, and we are beginning to see new patches on his cheeks which is so disappointing. I feel my heart racing up and down with the condition of his eczema-plagued skin. It’s been 1 year 4 months since its 2nd onset. The almond figs tea which cleared his 1st round of eczema when he was 18 months old does not appear to work as well for him now.

Hence, the search and waiting upon God continues.

I decided to try out virgin cold-pressed coconut oil as a moisturizer instead of his usual physiogel ai cream as I was hoping to switch to something more natural and affordable. Hoping it works as well, or even better.

Praying everyday for breakthrough.