New Natural Eczema Management Routine!

zephy's eczema improvement

As of the start of 2018, I tried out a new eczema management routine on Z who’s 5 year old.

How this new routine was birthed:

Dec 2017 – Z had a bad flare up of eczema during our trip to Malacca. Eczema spots erupted on his face, and the spots on his limbs became more severe. When we returned home, we brought him to see our naturopath doc who also practises TCM. Dr Raymond combines both knowledge in his practice. After he saw Z, his assessment was that the body is detoxing due to Z’s slowed-down digestive system. The detox process would take 3 weeks. He told us that in meantime, Z should also abstain from banana, cereal, artichoke, pumpkin and cucumber. This triggered my memory that Z ate quite a number of bananas and cereals in Malacca. So alas, those were the culprits for the flare up. We were also advised to feed Z vitamin C.

At around the same time, I started Z on DNA probiotics for kids, and DNA OPC-3 chews for kids, after having done some research that probiotics and OPC help with skin improvement. We alternated his intake – 1 OPC chew on one day, 1 probiotics chewable tablet on the next day.

I also tried out Dermaveen moisturiser and Dermaveen bath and shower oil since the previous moisturisers did not seem to be working. The effectiveness of Dermaveen products lies in the colloidal oatmeal.

(Update 2021: We stopped using Dermaveen due to paraffin liquidum – also known as mineral oil. Mineral oil blocks the skin pores from detoxing naturally and eventually caused inflammation on my son’s eczema spots.)

3 weeks later (Jan 2018) – We went back to Dr Raymond for a review. This time, Raymond assessed that Z had clogged up mucus in his sinuses and it is slowing down his digestion, which is causing the detoxification through his skin. Z was prescribed herbal meds in capsule form to clear up his sinuses. Next review in 1 month’s time.

1 month later (Feb 2018) – Z finished his meds. Raymond assessed him and reported that most of the sinuses has cleared up and his skin was under control. There was some mucus residual at the front portion closer to his nose, but it would dry up by itself. Thus, Z did not need to be on more meds. Praise the LORD!

Next step: To monitor. Review in 1 month’s time.

Ongoing routine for Z from Jan 2018 to Mar 2018 (today):

  • Alternating 1 OPC chew and 1 probiotics chewable
  • Dermaveen moisturiser applied after every shower or when the skin looks a tad dry
  • Dermaveen shower and bath oil at every shower
  • ChildLife Vitamin C once a day
  • ChildLife Fish oil once a day
  • Topical application of diluted oregano oil (from Young Living) on chest and back to improve immunity of his respiratory system 2-3 times a day
  • Abstain from eggs, yellow noodles, cucumber, cereal, artichoke, banana, and pumpkin (it’s not a food allergy or intolerance but a temporary abstinence until his sinus and digestion is sorted out completely)
  • Occasional application of aloe vera (fresh from the leaf) on eczema spots when the weather is hot and humid. I peel off the leaf layer and rub the aloe vera gel directly on the skin. This plant is worth buying! It thrives in Singapore weather, drier sandy soil, and the cooling effect of the aloe vera soothes itch.

The results of this natural routine have been amazing! Every person’s body make-up is different, hence I believe the routine will be varied for each person. It took me trial-and-error, and being sensitive to God’s leading, to arrive at this.

For those of you who are keen to find out more about the products used in this routine, I will be happy to share what I know 🙂