Eczema almost cleared! Hallelujah


Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Skin

It felt like a year of progress for my son, Z’s eczema condition. Last December 2018, Z had another eczema outbreak after a bout of HFMD. In Jan/Feb 2019, we consulted a naturopath doctor who used blood testing to determine her patients’ food intolerances. It was a major revelation for us to find out that Z was intolerant to potatoes, and a combination of dairy and grain. The test also revealed he was lacking in potassium. We started him on an elimination diet, eliminating potato, dairy, gluten and egg. He was prescribed glutagenics, digestive tonic, potassium cell salts, and non-dairy probiotics to kickstart his gut-healing process.

[Why the gut? The gut is responsible for the digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste. In the case of a food intolerance, the gut is unable to digest it, or works very hard to digest it, thus wearing out the gut lining. When the gut lining wears out, toxins then starts to leak out from the gut and into the system, leading to a compromised immune system. People may experience gastro-intestinale disorders, skin symptoms, neurological symptoms, respiratory disease, metabolic/endocrine/hormonal disorders, muscular-skeletal disorders, and reduced immunity.]

The doctor pointed out that Z’s dark eye rings are a sign of yeast infection and food intolerance, and she prescribed him a garlic supplement (in liquid form) to clear the yeast infection.

[What causes yeast infection? Possible causes are the use of antibiotics and vaccinations.]

After 3 months or so, we saw considerable improvements in Z’s skin. Most of the eczema on his neck and limbs cleared up, except for a stubborn patch on his left arm.

Being on a potato-free diet is challenging, because many commercial products like bread, pre-made paste, pre-made sauces, cereals, biscuits, cookies, all contain some derivative of potato or potato starch. For eg. baking powder, iodized salt, synthetic B vitamins (found in fortified cereals, bread, milk etc.). On hindsight, although not being able to consume these foods seemed like a decrease in his quality of life, but in fact, he’s consuming higher quality fresh food which is a lot healthier for his body. He has not fallen sick from the time we started treating his gut!

Heal your gut, heal your skin. Treat your gut, gain your immunity.