No-knead bread – will fermentation help with wheat intolerance?

Fermented for 12-18 hours before sticking it into the oven

Experimenting with fermented bread, to see if my son reacts to the wheat in it. I read that fermentation breaks down the gluten further, making it easier for digestion. We shall observe for the next few days…

Made with 4 ingredients: flour, yeast, salt and water.

Update: appears that son and I react to a protein in wheat. Not gluten. Would try the same recipe using spelt flour.

a wealth of knowledge to learn about food nutrition! Excellent knowledge to be recorded and passed down to our next generations.


Diet and Eczema

Positive results after avoiding corn, wheat, dairy and eggs

Being parents to Z has taught us so much about our immune systems, about nutrition, reading ingredients labels, steering away from medicinal drugs and vaccines.

We have unlearned and re-learned so much in this journey to help Z recover from eczema. I am still quite mind-blown at how much we had to “detox and unlearn” from the western medicine practice which was what we grew up with. For us to then transit into the fields of naturopathy, diet and nutrition, chiropractic/craniosacral therapy, bioresonance therapy was a leap of faith, and a radical venture into the unknown. Yet it has been the most rewarding because the results it produced were phenomenal.

Besides looking into diet and nutrition and receiving treatment from natural modes of therapy, skin products also play a part. Those which have been certified by dermatologists or prescribed by skin specialists might not be the best for eczema. I would avoid products with mineral oil (paraffin liquidum) and choose products with natural ingredients as much as possible. Mineral oil, when used over a long time, will cause layers of skin to be formed at the eczema spots, and it causes inflammation as the layers block the toxins from leaving the body through the skin. This happened to Z. When he stopped using the bath oil with mineral oil, his chest area began to clear up. Of course, avoiding the food allergens was a major causal factor too.

There is no one factor contributing to eczema. It cannot be treated as a skin disorder on its own. Our bodies are holistic, made up of many systems. 1 system affects another and another, hence it is important to find a practitioner who assesses and treats the body holistically for it to arrive at homeostasis.