A little laughter and fun!

Amidst the negative vibes which have shrouded the world, let’s remember to have some fun within the family. Pick out moments to have light-hearted conversations with the kids.

Sharing a short exchange with my 7 year old…

J: I am having ulcers from the french toast. I am allergic to it.

Me: Oh, is that right? Let me check your mouth. (I saw nothing. I knew he was making up an excuse as he did not want to finish his french toast. Thus, I played along with him.)

Me: Son, I bought you a sausage bun last night and it’s in the fridge. Hmm, looks like you won’t be able to have it today because of your ulcers and allergies.

J: (his eyes lit up because sausage buns are his favourite) Let me see it! I think I can eat it.

Me: Are you sure? Aren’t you allergic to bread?

J: I’m allergic to toasted bread, not normal bread!

Photo by Cats Coming on Pexels.com

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