Turning Point with Natural Immunity

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As a mom, I am compelled to share this article (see link below). I have heard names of these amazing doctors being mentioned. They are at the frontline, helping their patients with recovery, and battling against biased and ineffective public health policies. God watches and He will honour the work they do.


A healthy child has the ability to overcome viruses with natural immunity. My kids are on a nutritional protocol of zinc, fish oil, vit D3, vit C. Add quercetin in as a zinc ionophore if you wish.

I consider gut health and outdoor time for my kids as well. My family does not take much dairy as it’s inflammatory. When I reduced our dairy intake as a family, we rarely had to deal with respiratory symptoms. Get out into nature, under the sun, onto the grass, soil, sand etc. The healing properties of mother nature helps us build immunity.

We got our food intolerance tests done, as abstaining from these foods helped to lower the inflammation in our bodies, and achieve optimal health. If there is a bio-resonance therapist in your area, it is a good one to sieve out allergies and target parts of our bodies which are not functioning well. My son’s eczema was cleared with the support of bio-resonance and naturopath.

Think positive, stay healthy, be hopeful. I hope you find nuggets of info which are beneficial for your kids’ health.


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