My Family’s Experience with Inoculations

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It was a startling and raw journey, with much vacillation on my part.

My 2nd child had his first MMR dose at 18 months old, and this was a few years ago. Back then, he exhibited symptoms of measles or rubella. The incubation period matched that of either disease. He had the rash, conjunctivitis, along with respiratory symptoms and fever. Everything fit the description of measles or rubella. We consulted 2 paediatricians and both were hesitant to conclude its link to the MMR vaccine. I was disappointed because I intuitively knew it was vaccine-induced. With much twist of an arm (figuratively speaking), I managed to convince 1 of the paediatrician to write a memo indicating that my child’s infection was ‘vaccine-induced measles’.

It was our first encounter with the huge hesitancy from medical professionals in concluding that diseases can be vaccine-induced. This was 5-6 years ago. I observe the same hesitancy today. But this experience has prepared us in advance for a time like today.

In 2021, I brought my child for a measles antibody test to check if he had measles in 2016. His antibody test was a positive! To parents – trust your intuition. The doctor who administered the test was shocked to hear that the measles infection was from his 1st MMR dose.

Roll back to 2007 and 2009, I took a tetanus jab in 1 year, and the influenza jab in another year. In those years, I battled a bad bout of chronic hives (urticaria) which would not go away for 1 + 1 years, except if I took anti-histamines to suppress them. It was a debilitating and discouraging period of my life. Doctors and specialists could not tell me what’s wrong, and none asked if I had taken any vaccines in their medical assessments. Hence, I myself did not link the hives to the inoculations. I eventually recovered by throwing away the anti-histamines, and sincerely seeking Jesus for His healing and restoration. Jesus healed and restored my health in 1.5 months, after two 1-year period of chronic hives.

I am not surprised at present to hear people reporting rashes, eczema, hives, and other side effects relating to the inoculations that are being pushed upon people. If we were to read the vaccine package inserts for the childhood vaccines, you may see similar adverse reactions listed in it, including myocarditis.

I have not yet come to a conclusion whether one should get inoculated or not against severe diseases, but it is time to wake up to the truth that there is a possible link between vaccines and adverse reactions to our immune system.

If one has to get inoculated for a good reason, these are the nutritional supplements I would take to detox from an inactivated virus vaccine.

To detox from aluminium hydroxide found in these vaccines, the silica mineral in Fiji water does that.

NAC or glutathione to cleanse your liver from the toxins.

Coconut water and/or DHA (found in Omega 3) to counter the acidity and inflammation in the body caused by vaccines. DHA is anti-inflammatory. Cod liver oil has a higher component of DHA than EPA.

Vit D3/K2 for overall immunity. K2 helps with the absorption of D3.

Do seek a naturopath doctor or alternative health practitioner for your own health advice. Some general practitioners may have this knowledge too, but it may be challenging to find one who does.

Be Blessed!


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