Getting a haircut!

Dear Z,

It was always a battle to persuade you to get a haircut since you were 18 months. Now you are 3 and it is still a challenge. We had to put up with your endless crying at the hairdresser even with Elmo or Thomas videos played from our ipad or phone. 
So, as of late, your Dad decided to try something new and bought a pair of haircutting scissors! Still, it took a good 4 days to coerce you to sit in the bathroom to let me cut your hair. 

Today, I gave in and allowed you to play with the kids apps on my phone while you got your haircut. You sat well, not much fidgeting, except for some whining when bits of hair fell on your body. 

The haircut was over in 5-10 mins and you obediently handed the phone over back to me. To reward you for your obedience, I gave you your 10th star on the star chart which allows you a trip to Hokey Pokey indoor playground. 

It was a good first experience for you and me. Never thought that parenting you would give me my first time at trying something new. Turns out haircutting isn’t that difficult after all. 

Thank you Z! 

Love you lots,

Mama (or Mommy as how you call me sometimes)