Turning Point with Natural Immunity

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As a mom, I am compelled to share this article (see link below). I have heard names of these amazing doctors being mentioned. They are at the frontline, helping their patients with recovery, and battling against biased and ineffective public health policies. God watches and He will honour the work they do.


A healthy child has the ability to overcome viruses with natural immunity. My kids are on a nutritional protocol of zinc, fish oil, vit D3, vit C. Add quercetin in as a zinc ionophore if you wish.

I consider gut health and outdoor time for my kids as well. My family does not take much dairy as it’s inflammatory. When I reduced our dairy intake as a family, we rarely had to deal with respiratory symptoms. Get out into nature, under the sun, onto the grass, soil, sand etc. The healing properties of mother nature helps us build immunity.

We got our food intolerance tests done, as abstaining from these foods helped to lower the inflammation in our bodies, and achieve optimal health. If there is a bio-resonance therapist in your area, it is a good one to sieve out allergies and target parts of our bodies which are not functioning well. My son’s eczema was cleared with the support of bio-resonance and naturopath.

Think positive, stay healthy, be hopeful. I hope you find nuggets of info which are beneficial for your kids’ health.


Diet and Eczema

Positive results after avoiding corn, wheat, dairy and eggs

Being parents to Z has taught us so much about our immune systems, about nutrition, reading ingredients labels, steering away from medicinal drugs and vaccines.

We have unlearned and re-learned so much in this journey to help Z recover from eczema. I am still quite mind-blown at how much we had to “detox and unlearn” from the western medicine practice which was what we grew up with. For us to then transit into the fields of naturopathy, diet and nutrition, chiropractic/craniosacral therapy, bioresonance therapy was a leap of faith, and a radical venture into the unknown. Yet it has been the most rewarding because the results it produced were phenomenal.

Besides looking into diet and nutrition and receiving treatment from natural modes of therapy, skin products also play a part. Those which have been certified by dermatologists or prescribed by skin specialists might not be the best for eczema. I would avoid products with mineral oil (paraffin liquidum) and choose products with natural ingredients as much as possible. Mineral oil, when used over a long time, will cause layers of skin to be formed at the eczema spots, and it causes inflammation as the layers block the toxins from leaving the body through the skin. This happened to Z. When he stopped using the bath oil with mineral oil, his chest area began to clear up. Of course, avoiding the food allergens was a major causal factor too.

There is no one factor contributing to eczema. It cannot be treated as a skin disorder on its own. Our bodies are holistic, made up of many systems. 1 system affects another and another, hence it is important to find a practitioner who assesses and treats the body holistically for it to arrive at homeostasis.

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Skin

It felt like a year of progress for my son, Z’s eczema condition. Last December 2018, Z had another eczema outbreak after a bout of HFMD. In Jan/Feb 2019, we consulted a naturopath doctor who used blood testing to determine her patients’ food intolerances. It was a major revelation for us to find out that Z was intolerant to potatoes, and a combination of dairy and grain. The test also revealed he was lacking in potassium. We started him on an elimination diet, eliminating potato, dairy, gluten and egg. He was prescribed glutagenics, digestive tonic, potassium cell salts, and non-dairy probiotics to kickstart his gut-healing process.

[Why the gut? The gut is responsible for the digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste. In the case of a food intolerance, the gut is unable to digest it, or works very hard to digest it, thus wearing out the gut lining. When the gut lining wears out, toxins then starts to leak out from the gut and into the system, leading to a compromised immune system. People may experience gastro-intestinale disorders, skin symptoms, neurological symptoms, respiratory disease, metabolic/endocrine/hormonal disorders, muscular-skeletal disorders, and reduced immunity.]

The doctor pointed out that Z’s dark eye rings are a sign of yeast infection and food intolerance, and she prescribed him a garlic supplement (in liquid form) to clear the yeast infection.

[What causes yeast infection? Possible causes are the use of antibiotics and vaccinations.]

After 3 months or so, we saw considerable improvements in Z’s skin. Most of the eczema on his neck and limbs cleared up, except for a stubborn patch on his left arm.

Being on a potato-free diet is challenging, because many commercial products like bread, pre-made paste, pre-made sauces, cereals, biscuits, cookies, all contain some derivative of potato or potato starch. For eg. baking powder, iodized salt, synthetic B vitamins (found in fortified cereals, bread, milk etc.). On hindsight, although not being able to consume these foods seemed like a decrease in his quality of life, but in fact, he’s consuming higher quality fresh food which is a lot healthier for his body. He has not fallen sick from the time we started treating his gut!

Heal your gut, heal your skin. Treat your gut, gain your immunity.



Post-MMR Vaccination

The past week was spent pacifying my grouchy 17 month old J who had a post-MMR vaccination reaction. Of course, there were many many thoughts which ran through my mind and heart as I witnessed my own son’s discomfort from a compulsory vaccination.

The issue of forced vaccination remains highly debatable. Is it really helpful for public safety or more destructive for our immune system in the long run? I ain’t a medical doctor, nor have any credentials in any science or medical field but what I do know is that vaccinations bring side effects that no one can predict will occur in any adult person or baby/toddler. The spectrum of these side effects are wide-ranging and questionable and no one can explain why. Simply because our immune system is way too complex for anyone to fully understand it. It’s God’s design and who can fully understand an infinite God? Are we then toying around with a time-bomb here by allowing vaccines to manipulate our immune system when we don’t understand fully how it works in the first place? These are some random thoughts which came to me and I am taking the liberty to pen it down as my release of emotions.

J is still having symptoms of measles, what the PD called ‘modified measles’ or ‘vaccine-induced measles’. My first query is why J’s immune system is reacting in this way, and secondly, if anyone can ascertain for sure that nothing will happen to J for his 2nd dose of MMR. Sadly speaking, no one can say for sure. The consequences remain largely unknown and far-reaching.

Isn’t it then dangerous to force vaccination on a young child if the consequences are unknown and unpredictable in some rare cases?

Who should be accountable for any detrimental effects should they happen? The parents? The government? The pharmaceutical giants? The blame game can continue till the cows come home and it will still remain inconclusive.

I managed to source for another PD who is also an immunologist/allergist. I am hoping to find answers to my queries from someone who perhaps, have studied our immune system more in-depth. Her clinic is also one of the rare ones in Singapore which carry the single dose of measles (ie. no mumps and rubella included).

Hopefully this will help me find some resolve.

When The Toddler Falls Sick…

It sure feels like it’s the end of the world when the toddler falls sick. Exhaustion kicks in and eating feels like a chore because all you want to do is sleep. As I am typing right now, my son is crying in his room and I have no clue as to why. He rejected milk, food, didn’t want to be carried to sleep, so I’m here in front of the keyboard with my headphones because I seriously need a break! The daddy sure knows how to be out of the home at the right time. It is some weird phenomenon that the daddy chooses every time to be out at a time when the baby acts up. Kudos to all mummies around the world who have held the fort alone with incessant crying and screaming! A word of encouragement to new mothers – it will eventually cease when the baby grows tired of the tantrum knowing he is not getting anything out of it.

The fun part when the toddler falls sick is the visit to the doctors. Well, we pay consultation fees, so I make full use of their time and knowledge by asking many many questions. I learn something new on every visit to the doctor.

I shall recount the first time my son saw the GP (Dr Ong). She is a mother herself, and was trained in Canada. I like her vibe – friendly and nurturing. My son was having some flu symptoms, and I was expecting some medication to be prescribed. But she tells me (to my surprise) that it is not advisable to ‘drug’ him with medication because he’s not 18 months yet. Let his immune system heal the body on its own. I say I was surprised because the doctors in Singapore are always quick to prescribe medicine. I am not a pro-medicine person, so I took it well in my stride. I haven’t taken any flu medication for a few years and my body heals on its own. We don’t give enough credit to the work of our immune system. It’s God-given, use it! True enough, my son got well a few days later, without any medication 🙂

Now, he’s hit with bronchitis. I brought him first to see the GP. Unfortunately our favourite Dr Ong is on maternity leave so we saw another doctor (Dr Chen). He reported there was phlegm in his left lung, and concluded it could either be pneumonia or bronchitis. Dr Chen then prepared to dispense 4 various medication (antibiotics, cough mixture, sinus reliever, paracetemol) which gave me a shock. Doesn’t this prove my point that Singapore doctors just want to ‘sell’ as much medication as possible? We got home and placed all the medicine in the fridge, didn’t give any to my son except paracetemol for the fever. Next day, I brought him to the PD (Dr Tan) for a 2nd opinion. She confirmed it’s bronchitis because there was phlegm in both his lungs. I learnt that bronchitis is less severe than pneumonia, so it’s better to have phlegm in both lungs than one lung. Great that we got the lesser evil of the two. Relieving? Yes. I consulted Dr Tan about giving antibiotics and she said I could wait 1 more day to see if the fever breaks. If it comes back, she advised that we give it to him because it would be the 6th day he was feverish. Thankfully, the fever left for good. I did a mini research online about antibiotics, and there is apparently an overuse of it in the world. For one, it has no effect on virus, and most of our common illnesses are viral. Virus just takes time to run its course and bronchitis is caused by RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). Important lesson learnt. My motherly instinct in this case not to give antibiotics was right. But when doctors prescribe antibiotics, they probably suspect it’s a bacterial infection, and that’s when antibiotics might work. My son’s appetite and activity level increased when the fever broke which was a good sign of healing 🙂

I think I baffle and stump doctors when I don’t want to take any medication because most patients see them to get medicine. So there was a time when one doctor actually said he would leave the medication at the counter, and if I changed my mind 3 days later, I can come back to purchase it. That’s a fabulous arrangement. I save money and I don’t have bottles of medicine taking up space in my fridge. I never had to go back to get the medication because my son got well within the next 3 days.

Point to self – medication is not always necessary. Thanks to Dr Ong for sharing this knowledge. And also to friends who have brought their toddlers to the doctors in Australia and Canada, to learn that they don’t prescribe medication for young children. Incidentally, a friend’s toddler son residing in Perth had bronchitis, and he got through it with zero medication. Isn’t our immune system amazing?

Parenthood has become my best educator, in all sense of what ‘education’ truly means – Never Stop Learning.