From Terrible Twos to Terrific Twos

This stage does feel harder with the little one blatantly testing our limits.

He does the very thing we tell him not to do. Just something in every 2 year old’s DNA makeup.

Whining at the smallest thing like leaving the light on when we turn it off, leaving the tap on, and there is no rational basis for him to insist on the things he want. It’s easy to shut him up by giving in to him since it does not pose any danger to any of us.

But I suppose this is when they learn to obey their parents, and subsequently authorities like teachers, law enforcers, bosses etc. In future, this obedience might save them from detrimental consequences.

If they pass this terrible stage having learnt well, they will become terrific children, and hopefully teenagers.

Something which happened recently between my son and I made me think the battle with the 2 year old is all worth it…

In the midst of throwing his tantrum, he usually flings his hands around, lacking control over his body parts and mind, and 1 hand went sweeping across my right cheek. I exclaimed loudly from shock. He immediately stopped his nonsense, looked sorry and touched my face twice. He’s saying sorry. His dad taught him to say sorry by doing this action of love during one of the discipline episodes.

He learnt!