First Day of School

It is my son’s first day at Nursery. The school was filled with sounds of crying, and the chatter of excited parents, some of whom had to hide and camouflage from their children for fear of a crying meltdown should they be spotted. My husband and I were one of those camouflaging parents. Our hiding place was not the best cover and our son spotted us from afar. The words “Papa, papa…” then joined the cacophony of noise as he followed his teacher to his classroom.

Children grow up so fast, too fast in fact. I remember the day my son was born 2.5 years ago, and now, he is learning to be independent, being immersed in a new environment where his classmates and teachers are still strangers to him.

Riding the school bus was his first step into this strangely new world where he would form a familiar relationship with the driver and assistant. He cried nonetheless, but a brave soul is emerging from within him as he faces this new world at a tender age. I am sure he was scared from being separated when we sent him up the bus. I would be too, if I were in his shoes.

I commend him for his courage and adaptability on this first day of school 🙂