Joy is…

Joy is having my son run up to me when he first sees me each morning.

I know he will be doing this lesser and lesser as he grows older. I am treasuring the time now when he still wants to lie beside me, hug me, kiss me, be carried and hold hands…

Touch is an important sense to young children. It is their way of feeling connected and accepted by us. T-I-M-E is their other love language. Was reading ‘The first 2 years’ which puts it nicely:

If at all possible, then, it is most desirable for children to spend the majority of their waking hours with one of their own parents or with someone else who has an equally intense commitment – especially during the first few years of life when children are dealing with basic issues of security and trust. This will not always be possible for a variety of reasons. As much as possible, continually seek ways to arrange schedules and time commitments that will maximize parental time with each child at home.


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