Encouragement for Families – Dr James Dobson

I chanced upon Dr James Dobson’s book ‘Encouragement for Families’ and took a longer time to mull over this paragraph.

“There are some skills that can be learned during the early childhood years that become very difficult to teach later on. For example, children can learn languages perfectly without even a trace of an accent. Yet fifteen or twenty years later, most individuals will have a much harder time trying to make those same sounds…A child’s attitude toward parental leadership is also like that. He or she passes through a brief period during toddlerhood and the preschool years when respect for authority and a certain sense of ‘awe’ can be instilled. But that window closes very quickly. That’s why it’s so important to ‘shape the will’ during the early years by balancing unconditional love with consistent firmness at home. If parents miss that opportunity, the adolescent years can be bumpier than they need to be.”

It set me thinking how I can be consistent in my discipline toward my son, and at the same time, showering him with lots of love. These few past weeks were busy for my husband and me and I felt we slackened on spending enough time with him. It was obvious he felt the distance because he was more whiny and throwing more tantrums to catch our attention at home. Our kids definitely need our time. Parents have a huge juggling act to balance in many areas…not easy!


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